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How to Get to Macao from Hong Kong

As of my last check, you can choose between two of these ferry companies to transfer from Hong Kong to Macao and vice versa —

In the past, we used to rely on NWFF or First Ferry, but I think they’re no longer operating, so we switched to Turbo Jet.

A Ferry from Hong Kong going to Macau.


You’ll learn everything you have to know about their schedules and destinations from the links I’ve given above.

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Fast Facts

  • Bring your passport and all travel documents with you even if you are only visiting HK or Macao for a day. You need to show them when you pass through immigration counters in either city.
  • Tickets cost around P800 one way. You can pay cash or credit card.
  • Journeys between Kowloon and Macau take about an hour. Not sure with the other ports. Kowloon – Macau is the journey you want to take if you are leaving from Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)
  • Macau has two ferry terminals – Taipa, which is closer to Venetian and the hotels in Cotai strip – and Macau Ferry Terminal, which is in the city. If you are only visiting for a day, most of the sights you’ll want to see are in the city so it’s best to opt for a ferry bound for Macau Ferry.
  • Turbo Jet has ferries that will take you directly to Hong Kong International Airport. BUT they only have 3 or 4 scheduled journeys per day so you need to buy your tickets in advance.
  • There are shuttle buses that are free to ride waiting for you at Macau’s ferries. You can use them even if you haven’t booked your stay with their hotels.

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P.S. I’m not sure about this but with Cotai Jet, some say that they charge you per luggage piece when you bring with you extra large suitcases (like those for 30kgs and more). This is definitely not the case with Turbo Jet.


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