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A Filipino’s Guide to Getting Around Macau for FREE!

Shuttle buses in Macau are available for everyone for free! This is because big hotels like Venetian, Galaxy, City of Dreams and other big casinos have buses available to leave every five to fifteen minutes from their hotel to Macau Ferry, Macau Airport and other essential landmarks between 6AM to 12MN. Smaller hotels’ shuttles may only have buses available to leave every 30 to 60 minutes.

The Venetian free shuttle bus on Macau.



  • Smaller hotels require guests to book or reserve spots in their buses in advance. This is because they don’t offer regular trips to the airport or ferry. They may also need to verify that you are indeed a guest at their hotel. An example of this is Hotel Royal.

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  • Buses from bigger hotels will NEVER verify whether you’re a guest in their hotel or not. This includes but is not limited to Sands, Venetian, Galaxy, and MGM.
It’s only practical to use the hotels’ free shuttle service as often as you can to save time and money. If your destination is near a particular hotel, you could see if it’s possible to take a shuttle to the airport or ferry then from there look for the hotel’s shuttle and use it to be within walking distance from your destination.
Remember: this is all for free and many locals even use shuttle services for daily commuting.


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