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Maximize Your Stay in Venetian Macau – The Filipino Way!

They say that it’s not nice anymore because there’s so many people in it, but honestly – I’d take that anytime over a ghost town. Venetian Macau is the kind of place that SHOULD be appreciated so I’m really happy that tourists go there all the time. If they don’t, Venetian would stop earning money, and then we’d lose the chance of ever staying in this hotel again.

The Venetian Macau room.


So anyway, last May was my nth time to stay in Venetian Macau. Most times, I got to stay in the hotel’s Bella suite. When we go back for January, however, we are going to try out the Rialto suite which – at 170 sqm – is almost 3x the size of Bella (mind-boggling!!!!).

Venetian Macau is the kind of hotel that you can easily sneak in a loooot of people inside your room.

  1. This hotel has 3,000 plus rooms. They are various ways to access these rooms so there’s little chance of you getting caught!
  2. The room is soooo big. Sayang ang space if you don’t maximize it.
  3. It’s so cheap considering the space, amenities, perks you get.And now, here are tips for sneaking in:

1. No matter where you are supposed to check in, it’s best that you and your companions arrive at the WEST LOBBY. This is the entrance tour operators use. As such, most of the Macanese staff won’t have time to count how many you are and how many rooms you are booking. I highly suggest that you ask the rest of your group to stay in the food court while you and another person check in.

If you end up in the MAIN LOBBY, it’s still okay as long as it’s daytime – I think there are still a lot of people so you can still get in without too many questions. But if you arrive at night like we did and then we had all our luggage with us, naturally the bellboys went to us – even the manager went and asked us how many rooms we’re booking (kasi there are 13 of us!).

If you’re a large group, I suggest that you pretend you don’t know each other. 2 or 3 of you can check in together. The rest should be divided. One should say that they’re just stopping over to eat at Cafe Deco, another should just say they want to buy souvenirs before heading home. You can take some of their luggage with you while checking in. They won’t ask why you have so many even if it’s just for an overnight stay. If they do, just say that it’s because you came from / are still heading to HK after your stay in Venetian.

2. Ask for an extra key card if possible. Sometimes, guards at access points of hotel buildings will ask you for a card. They don’t care how many you are as long as one of you has a card. The problem is when your group separates and you just have 1 card.

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3. You can take your own luggage to your room. No questions asked as long as you have a card. Same when checking out. Just remember, however, that shuttle buses to the airport are at the MAIN lobby while shuttle buses to the ferries are at the WEST lobby.

4. Royal and Bella suites only have 1 bathroom. If there are a lot of you, here’s what you can do to minimize the bathroom “queues”
– Have one or two shower at the swimming pool area. Toiletries are available – towels, too. (5th floor).
– Have one or two shower at the gym (8th floor).


  1. Work out in the gym! It has a nice view. It’s kinda small but well equipped and really – it’s worth a try. They also have magnet bracelets to unlock / lock your locker. 🙂
  2. Try out the pool. They give out some free sweets from time to time.
  3. Ride a gondola (indoor or outdoor – take your pick). I mean, why not? Even if you’ve tried the one in Vegas or Venice, it’s still a worthwhile experience to have. If I remember correctly it’s around P700 pax. I am going to try it when I come back. Maybe third time’s the lucky charm.
  4. If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest restaurant in the food court is the one with lime green lights. It’s suuuuper affordable with larger servings compared to the other restaurants in the food court.
  5. Ala carte in CAFE DECO also has fairly reasonable rates.
  6. Leave your room – if only for the sake of having the housekeeper “refill” your supplies. The ball pens that are free in your room are sold at P500 to P1000 in the souvenir stores at Grand Canal Shoppes.  So really, all those supplies are worth whatever tip you’re giving the housekeeper! 🙂
    7. If you have the budget, buy a Venetian mask. :)Oh, and one last thing. As I mentioned earlier on, we are booking a RIALTO suite next and there are several advantages of doing so —-
    1. You get a separate living room. More privacy!
    2. You get a SECOND bathroom. Less waiting time to pee/ shower!
    3. You get FREE capsules for a NESPRESSO machine. How cool is that?!!!
    4. Bragging rights =D hahaha even just once.

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