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Hong Kong Itinerary: Why You Should Stay in Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui – which is frequently abbreviated as TST – is one of the areas in Kowloon. There are several reasons why it’s best that you choose a hotel located here.
Tall buildings in Hong Kong.

When in Hong Kong

1) The China Ferry Terminal is in TST. 

You can leave straight from your hotel and just walk to the ferry terminal to go to Macau or go to Hong Kong from Macau. If you want to live really close to the ferry terminal, you should choose any of the hotels along CANTON ROAD. You won’t have to cross any streets for this.

2) Most major attractions are within walking distance.

Please understand that Hong Kong locals have a different understanding of what “walking distance” means. For them, anything that’s less than probably 10 streets away is within walking distance. Filipinos who are not used to walking long distances (e.g. those who go around driving / commuting) will find HK very tiring to explore.
BUT…you will get used to it – especially if you are using comfortable shoes. 🙂 Consider buying a pair of shoes in Mong Kok (quite cheap for ladies at Tung Choi or Ladies’ Market). If you check the sole cushions for the shoes, you’ll notice that it’s unbelievably soft – more so than even all those branded shoes you use in Philippines. Sole cushion quality is rarely a factor you consider when buying shoes in the Philippines but it’s a quality you’d hugely appreciate when you get to HK.

3) Hotels can be quite cheap here!

You will be surprised at just how cheap the hotels here can be.
If you don’t mind living in hotels (and I use the term here loosely, e.g. they can barely qualify as hotels, they’re more in the level of motels here in the Philippines) that are basically designed for backpackers, then consider choosing any of the hotels located in Chung King Mansions or Mirador Mansions.
Chung King Mansions and Mirador Mansions are two huge buildings located on opposite sides of Nathan Road. Inside each building are dozens of different hotels. If you look hard enough, then you can probably get a room for about P500/night for 2 persons. 🙂
The following hotels would charge you about 2.5k to 5k per night, but the nice thing about them is that their management is fairly lax so you can sneak in additional persons in your room. Instead of the usual 2 or 3 persons / per room, you can probably have up to 5 persons in one room – it all depends on the size of the room, your build, and how fussy you are.

– Empire Hotel, Nathan Road
– Golden Crown Guesthouse, Nathan Road


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