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A Shampoo for Rebonded and Colored Hair (Proudly Pinoy)

Colouring and Rebonding always give our hair that extra life and shine that we need every day. It makes your hair easier to style and a boost of color so we don’t need to add extra effort to be fashionable every day. So it’s really nice to know that a fellow Filipino has made a shampoo that’s specifically used in cleaning and nourishing rebonded and colored hair.

Introducing the Symply G Gorgeous Brazilian Series. It’s a Keratin shampoo and conditioner that comes with argan oil that naturally gives your hair the soft and shiny feel we want. And unlike other hair products, Symply G can be used on a daily basis. Its unique formula penetrates our hairs deeply that gives each layer the shine and protection it needs every day.

Now if you have dry and damaged hair, this daily hair treatment will also be useful for you. Its argan oil content gives the hair the exceptionally soft and shiny hair we addictively want. And since we can use this treatment every day, its like we no longer need to go to the salon for another treatment.

On a personal note, one of the reasons why I enjoyed using Symply G is because of its fragrant smell that stays in your hair all day long. Remember the smell of the shampoo when you have your hair cleaned in the salon? It’s that lovely smell that Symply G allows you to enjoy right in the comforts of your home.

So if you’re on a budget too, consider trying Symply G Gorgeous Brazilian Series Shampoo and Conditioner and enjoy the treatment every day! 🙂

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