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A New Kind of Coffee is in Town and Its Made in the Philippines!

Coffee has been a part of almost every Filipino’s life. From the moment we wake up until the time we need to stay up – coffee is our partner. So its really nice to know that a fellow Filipino has finally made the kind of coffee we need on a daily basis.

NASH Coffee Made in the Philippines

Instant Coffee made in the Philippines

NASH coffee is a certified product of the Philippines and is made in the heart of Balut Tondo Manila. And just like any regular instant coffee, the preparation and taste are exactly the same. So why purchase from an international brand when you can support Proudly Pinoy products? Each purchase of NASH coffee doesn’t just help our economy but also the Filipino workers of the company.

At the moment, NASH coffee comes in three flavors which are Brown Coffee, Aroma Coffee, and White Coffee. The Brown Coffee balances the flavor of bitter and white coffee that usually good to have during our merienda time. Aroma coffee, on the other hand, is best drank in the morning when we need that extra boost of energy. And lastly, is the white coffee that’s ideal to drink while having our favorite sweet snacks.

And the best thing about NASH coffee packs today is that each comes with 30% to 50% extra coffee so we can enjoy more of our favorite energy-boosting drink.

So the next time you buy instant coffee in your favorite grocery or tindahan, make sure to check if NASH coffee is available. Support products made in the Philippines and support our kababayans.

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