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5 Privileges Every Credit Card Holder Has But Never Use

Every credit card holder in the Philippines is entitled to most of the privileges mentioned in this article. The problem is many of them don’t know these benefits exists so they never take advantage of it when possible. So if you’re a credit card owner, whether primary or supplementary, here are 5 privileges that you must know and use right away:

Blue Credit Card1. Airport lounge access

When boarding a plane from NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), many credit card owners are actually entitled to have a free access to the airport lounge with 1 or 2 friends. In the airport lounge, you get to enjoy unlimited food, comfortable seats, take a refreshing bath and even enjoy unlimited alcoholic drinks. All you need to do is present your credit card to the reception area and you are good to go.

I recommend calling your bank’s customer support and ask about this privilege to know if your credit card also has this access.

2. Get Cash via ATM Machines

Not many are aware that you can actually withdraw cash from an ATM using your credit card. The interests are much higher but it can be handy during emergency situations. All you need to do is contact your bank’s customer service how to do it. However, some banks already send you via mail the ATM Pin number of your card so you can do it anytime you like.

3. Installment Programs

If you need to purchase anything big but installment scheme is not allowed. That’s okay because you can still pay it in installments by visiting your bank. Of course, there will be interest but you get to pay in minimal amounts. Some banks even allow this for supplementary cardholders like BPI.

4. Exclusive Discounts from Different Establishment

Make it a habit to check your bank’s website to be updated of the latest discounts you can get from the different establishment. This includes hotels, imported brands, airplane tickets, and a lot more. These discounts will come in handy when you’re celebrating a birthday, treating friends out or thinking of a place to visit.

5. Get Free Flights and Hotel Accommodations

Every time you use your credit card, you get points where you can redeem different items and GCs. But not many are aware that you can also use your points to redeem free flights and hotel accommodations via Cebu Pacific’s Get Go and Agoda. All you need to do is transfer your points to your account (if you have none, it’s easy to create one!) and you can instantly redeem your free travel package! 🙂

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