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Filipino Husband Willing to work 24 Hours to Save Sick Wife

A man from the city of Caloocan is offering his car with driver service for 24 hours – all for 2,000 pesos. All this, just so he can quickly raise the money needed to save his very sick wife. He needs to raise a total of 29,000 pesos so his wife can undergo laboratory procedures that will help her condition.

Rufino Padua Guevarra and his wife

Taken from Guevarra’s Facebook post

Last August 22, 2017, Rufino Padua Guevarra posted the services he offered on Facebook. He said he is willing to do 24 hours work (Innova car included) for only 2,000 pesos. The normal rate for this service is 1,500 pesos for only 12 hours and without a driver. But because of the current condition of his wife, he needs to go the extra mile just so he can earn the funds as soon as possible.

In his post, Guevarra also shared a picture of his wife and the situation they are in. He said his wife is experiencing seizures more often than the usual. There are times that she gets seizures up to four times within 24 hours. For that reason, he needs his wife to undergo MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray, and laboratory for blood culture. The total cost for availing these services is 29,000 pesos.

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“Need ko lang talaga maka buo ng 29k para sa procedure ng wife ko.” Guevarra said in his post.

Screenshot of Rufino Padua Guevarra Facebook post.Based on his post, his wife has been in this condition since 2013 and he really needs all the help he can get. Many netizens find his fighting spirit an inspiration for many. He doesn’t mind being underpaid just as long as he is able to provide for his wife. In one of the videos he shared, he is seen in a bitter sweet moment with his wife as she asks for a pasalubong from him.

If you are interested to help Guevarra or want to avail his services, you can directly message him on his Facebook account or contact him at 09152711372

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