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2018 National Holidays in the Philippines

2018 Philippines National Holiday infographic

Ready your calendars because 2018’s national holidays in the Philippines has just been announced. There is a total of 18 no work day holidays in the Philippines and many give us incredibly long weekends! And should you decide to work on these days, don’t worry because the law mandates your company to pay you higher than your overtime pay.

Starting with January, Filipinos get 1 day off and 2 in February. March is a better month because Filipinos get a total of consecutive days of no work, including weekends. April, May, and June come with one holiday each. However, July doesn’t come with any holiday. Moving on to August, workers get 2 days off and one of it gives a three-day weekend. Then come September and October with no holiday again. But when November and December comes, employees get a total of 7 holidays and three of it gives us a long weekend.

2018’s national holiday is 2 days more than 2017’s. This is because the President wanted to also commemorate Christmas Day, All Saint’s Day and promote the tourism in the country. Moreover, the observance of the Eid’l Adha and Eid’l Fitr will also be proclaimed as a holiday but will be announced later on.

Employees who are obliged or chooses to work on the said holidays must be compensated more than their overtime salary on ordinary days. The additional rates differ based on which holiday they worked. There are two kinds of national holiday in 2018, this includes regular holidays and special non-working days.

For instance, workers who work on non-working days must be compensated with at least 130% of their daily rate. Regular holidays could compensate workers at least 200% of their daily rate. There may be different ways to compute this so it is recommended to refer to the worker’s company rules and regulation.


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