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10 PWD Privileges You Need to Know

PWD / Senior Citizens Lace


Every person with disability or PWDs are entitled to many privileges in the Philippines. Not only for the person itself but also for their families so knowing your rights is very important. And to make it easier for you to know all the benefits you and your family should be enjoying, here are 10 PWD privileges you should know:

Education Assistance Through Scholarship, Grants or Financial Aids

Whether you are pursuing studies in primary, secondary, tertiary or even post tertiary, you are entitled to have educational assistance. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking it from a public or a private school, vocational or a technical education establishment. The assistance can be given in the form of financial aids, grants, scholarship or other incentives.

Exclusive VIP Parking in Major Malls in the City

PWD and senior citizens always have exclusive parking slots in every mall in the country. Whether you are driving or in the passenger seat, go straight to entrance and you should find parking slots with PWD signs. These slots are especially alloted for PWDs so they are much bigger for the convenience of the PWD.

FREE Movies Every Monday and Tuesday

In Quezon city, PWDs are entitled to watch free movies in any major malls every Monday and Tuesday. However, they can only watch a total of 2 movies a day and not later than 5 PM. This also does not include 3D and IMAX theathers.

Enjoy the Benefits of a GSIS, SSS and Pag-IBIG Member

And just like senior citizens, you are entitled to have the same benefits given to GSIS, SSS and Pag-IBIG members. All you need to do is visit their respective offices and ask what services you can avail from them.

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Express or Priority Lane in Any Commercial or Government Establishment

You are also given the privilege to be served in the express lane in any commercial or government establishment. If there is none, you must be prioritized.

15,000 Pesos Worth of Benefits from PhilHealth

If you are in need of lower limb prosthesis, you are entitled to have 15,000 pesos worth of benefits from PhilHealth. This is as long as you are a qualified member of the organization or is a declared dependent. For more information, you may visit or call PhilHealth office.

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Exclusive Public Attorneys

And when you face any legal case, there are public attorneys that are designated for PWDs only. In this way, you will not have a hard time getting assistance for your case. At the same time, the attorney assigned to you understands your needs and knows your rights.

Opportunities for Employment

The law mandates all government agencies to give 1% of their employment positions to PWDs. Private corporations, however, are required to do the same if they have hired 100 employees. So if you are looking for a job, never hesitate to apply for it in any company, particularly the big ones,  you choose to.


32% Discount From Sale of Goods and Services

20% Discount and Exemption from 12% Value-Added Tax (VAT) from Sale of Goods and Services

PWDs have the exclusive privilege, besides senior citizen, to have a total of 32% discount from availing goods and services. This includes:

Hotels, Restaurants and Recreational Centers

fees from the hotel or any lodging establishments, restaurants and even recreational centers. You are also given 32% discount in cinemas, concert halls or any cultural, leisure or amusement place that has admission fees.


You are also entitled to have the same discount when purchasing medicines from any drugstore. This includes Mercury Drugstore, drugstores in mall, generic drug stores in the neighborhood.

Medical and Dental Services

And when availing medical and dental service, be sure to ask for your discount because you are also entitled to a 32% discount on diagnostic and laboratory fees. This includes government facilities and private hospitals.

Domestic Travel via Sea or Air

And if you plan to go in any other city in the Philippines that requires air or sea travel, you also get 32% discount. However, online booking may not have the option of giving your discount so it’s better to book directly from the ticket office of your chosen transportation.

Transportation Fees including Jeep, Bus, LRT, etc

As for land transportation, you are also entitled to be given the same discount when riding buses, jeepneys, taxi, AUCs, shuttle services and even public railways. Just make sure to let the driver know you are a PWD or present your ID to the cashier in the ticket booth.

Funeral and Burial Services

The same discount is given for the funeral and burial services if the PWD passes away. Provided that the beneficiary who will pay for all the expenses will be the one to claim the discount. This includes fees for the casket, urn, embalming, transport of the body to the burial site, and hospital morgue.

Skyway and Tollway Fees

For PWDs that owns their own vehicle, they are also entitled to 20% off discount from all tollway and skyway fees. Just make sure to tell the tollway officer that you are a PWD and ask how you can avail the discount.

5% Discount from Basic Necessities

PWDs are also given 5% discount, just like senior citizens, when buying basic necessities and prime commodities. However, the amount spent every week must not exceed 1,300 pesos. This amount cannot be carried over the next week so you should consume the amount each week to make the most out of your privilege. This includes:

Consumables like:

  • Rice, Corn, Bread
  • Canned marine and meat products
  • Fresh meat including pork, beef, and chicken
  • Fresh eggs, milk, infant formulas and other dairy products
  • Fresh vegetables, root crops, onion, garlic,
  • Coffee, sugar, salt, cooking oil, noodles
  • Laundry soap, diapers, detergent,
  • Candles, charcoal, firewood

And non-consumables like:

  • Veterinary products including swine, poultry, and cattle feeds and product
  • Nipa, shingles, plyboard, construction nails
  • Batteries, electrical supplies, light bulbs, steel wire



  1. How about the privilege of PWD in rental business? I am A PWD w/hearing disabilities and my husband is a senior citizen and i am 53 eldest daughter working in Dubai and my other daughter is asingle mom who work to support her son. My 3rd son still schooling in no one can handle the rental business in the family but me..Is that permitted by the DTI and BIR?

    • I believe foreigners are entitled to some of the privileges such as priority lanes even without an ID. But to avail the discounts, you will need to apply for the ID

  2. “Skyway and Tollway Fees
    For PWDs that owns their own vehicle, they are also entitled to 20% off discount from all tollway and skyway fees. Just make sure to tell the tollway officer that you are a PWD and ask how you can avail the discount.”
    – Hi, where did you get this info? I asked the toll gate officers, sabi nila walang discount for PWD.
    Thank you.

  3. Like senior citizen privilege, pwd’s are also free in parking fee in quezon city, but in SM north mall parking we are not free or they don’t give discount, also in other pay parking here in Timog areas and il terrazo.

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