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Model Reveals Erich Gonzales’ Rich Admirer is a Scammer, Erich Reacts to his Proposal

Model Dewanie Catapang claims businessman Xian Gaza’s billboard date proposal for actress Erich Gonzales is just a social media stunt. She says Gaza’s only intention is for his post to go viral and uses his money just so that celebrities will date him. Meanwhile, Erich Gonzales has finally reacted to his date proposal and things are looking good.

According to Catapang, Gaza is only “trapping celebrities” to go on a date with him rather than be accused of being a snob. And although many are rooting for him to get his dream date, Catapang says she is not buying his story. She also revealed Gonzales is not the first celebrity he victimized as he’s serious in getting his post go viral.

In her Twitter post about the CEO, she explained she met Gaza when they worked in a project that she later on learned to be a scam. In one of her posts, she asked if the money from their project really went to charity, as he claims it will.

And to support all her revelations, Catapang shared photos of the businessman with other showbiz personalities like Ella Cruz, Liza Soberano and Thai influencer Nitchamon Jirapatchanon. She explains the photos are taken from his social media account but can only be seen by his friends.

Meanwhile, Erich Gonzales is currently in the US but already heard about his proposal. She sent a message to writer Darla Sauler and she said “Hi Darls!!! How are you? Hahaha!!! Ang cute ng effort ni Kuya. (His effort is cute!)”

It looks like Gaza has a chance because Gonzales says she’ll think about it when she gets back in the Philippines. She says there is nothing wrong if they meet for a cup of cofee but Sauler has to come with them. However, this reply was made before Catapang’s claims so things may change.


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