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How to Apply for Filipino Citizenship

Brown, Red and Green Philippine PassportGetting a Filipino citizenship is not really that hard. You just need to meet basic requirements that most foreigners may already have. The process is even easier if you are marrying a Filipino or is a child of a Filipino parent.

Three Ways how to be a Filipino Citizen

So there are three ways to be a Filipino by law and that is by birth, by blood or by naturalization. Being a Filipino by birth means you are automatically a Filipino citizen if you are born in any place in the country. By blood means you can be a Filipino if any of your parent is a citizen of the country.

Be a Filipino by Naturalization

When it comes to by Naturalization, there are three routes that you can get it. One is if you will marry a Filipino citizen, be approved by petition through the office of the solicitor general, and when you have given a significant contribution in the country.

Marrying a Filipino to be a Filipino Citizen

If you will be marrying a Filipino, all you need is to go through the judicial process that will legalize your citizenship. This process takes more than a year as you need to file a declaration one year before the legalization. Upon submission of your sworn bona fide statement, you will receive an email after a few days that states whether your application is approved or not.

Living in the Philippines for 10 years to be a Filipino Citizen

Next is if you have lived for 10 years or more in the Philippines. To be qualified for this route, you need to be 21 years old and must be of good moral character. You must also have your own real estate in the country that is worth no less than 5,000 pesos or stable work. You also need to be able to write and speak in Spanish, or English or any principal language.

If you have a minor child, you should have already enrolled him or her in a Philippine school recognized by the Public Schools of the Philippines.

How to Apply for a Filipino Citizenship if Foreigner

If approved, you can visit the court again after a year and submit requirements to be approved as a citizen. This includes your application form, your photos, proof of residency, affidavit of your moral character and signed by two Filipino citizens. Depending on your case, you may be required to submit more requirements.


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