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Manny Pacquiao Landed More Punches than Jeff Horn, Says ESPN

manny vs hornMany boxing fans, including celebrities and ESPN network, do not agree with the decision of the judges in tonight’s match. Although Jeff Horn threw more punches, Pacquiao clearly landed more hits. The match resulted to an unexpected win for Horn by unanimous decision.

According to ESPN, Jeff Horn landed a total of 92 punches, wherein only 73 of it are considered power punches. Manny Pacquiao, on the other hand, landed a total of 182 punches. However, the judges of tonight’s match says the scores were 117 – 111, 115 – 113, 115 – 113 in favor of Horn.

And ESPN is not the only one who thinks that Pacquiao won the fight. Many fans and sports expert has also voiced out their opinion in different social media platforms. This includes Jason Mcintyre, Gary Parrish, Jerry Hairston, Jr., JT The Brick and a lot more. One of them even said that the fight was good but the decision of the judges was bad. 

And because of the controversial decision, many are speculating that a rematch will happen before the year ends. In the brief interview after the fight, he is actually looking forward of the rematch as he deserves another shot. He knows that he was doing better in the many rounds of the fight but he respects the decision of the judges.


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