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10 Senior Citizen Privileges You Probably Didn’t Know About

Aside from the usual 20% discount, did you know that senior citizens are also entitled to have discounts in electricity and water bills, free dental and medical services, and possibly scholarship if they pursue any type of education? Yes, senior citizens are entitled to have big discounts and lots of freebies that we may not have known until today.

So without further ado, here are 10 senior citizen privileges you probably didn’t know about:

Free Dental, Medical Services, and Vaccination

All senior citizens are also entitled to have free medical and dental services including, X-rays, blood test, computerized tomography scans, vaccination, but not limited to in government facilities. This includes hospitals, clinics, medical facilities and even home health care services as long as its owned by the government. Along with the services availed, the professional fee of the doctor must be 100% waived when availed by a senior citizen.

Free Parking in Quezon City Malls and Exemption from Number Coding Scheme in Makati

When in Quezon city, you don’t need to pay any parking fee in your first three hours in the mall. The process to qualify is different for each mall so make sure to present your ID before entering just to make sure. The only time you will be charged is when you stay more than three hours.

Now if you live in Makati, you are also exempted from all number coding scheme in the city. When an MMDA or city government officer hails your vehicle, just present your senior citizen card and you’re good to go.

Educational Scholarship

Now if the senior citizen decides to pursue education such as secondary, vocational, post tertiary and technical, they are entitled to have educational assistance. This could be given in forms of grants, subsidies, financial aids and possibly even scholarship. Other expenses like books, uniform, and any learning materials are also included in the discount. All the senior citizen needs to do is to meet all the admission requirement of their chosen institution.

Moreover, should they acquire any training for socio-economic programs conducted by government and private institution, they are entitled to be exempted from the training fee.

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5% OFF Water and Electricity Bill

Senior citizens are entitled to a 5% discount from monthly utility bills including water and electricity services. Provided that the account is registered under the name of the senior citizen and does not exceed a 100 kWh of electricity or 30 cubic meters of water.

If the account is not named after the senior citizen, it’s never too late to have an account transfer. However, you would have to wait for one year after the name transfer before you can apply for the discount.

Exempted from Paying Tax

Yes, senior citizens are all exempted from paying income tax. This is in accordance with RA No. 9504 where all minimum wage earners are no longer required to pay tax. However, this exemption is not deducted automatically so you will need to visit BIR how its done.

Big Discounts for Air and Sea Transportation Fees

Yes, this includes airplane companies like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and other Philippine transportation companies by air or by sea just as long as its within the country. All senior citizens are subject not just for the 20% discount but also VAT exemption. This means that a 1,000 peso ticket will only cost 714.29 pesos for a senior citizen.

Mandatory Government Assistance Including Death Benefit Assistance, Social Pension, and PhilHealth Coverage

As soon as a person is an official member of senior citizen, they are automatically entitled to receive PhilHealth coverage, death benefit assistance and financial help when needed. This includes a minimum of 2,000 pesos of death benefit assistance, 500 pesos monthly stipend for indigent senior citizens, and receive financial, food and medical assistance.

Furthermore, senior citizens will continue enjoying the benefits and privileges of  GSIS, SSS and PAG-IBIG

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Free Movies on Mondays

If you ever decide to visit the mall on Monday morning, you’ll probably notice long lines in the cinema. That’s because senior citizens have free admission to most cinemas in the country every Monday! So when you’re going to watch with the family, why not schedule it during Mondays so you save the price of one ticket.

To qualify for this privilege, you need to be from the same city where the mall is located. For instance, senior citizens residing in Quezon city can watch movies for free in malls in Quezon city like Trinoma.

Express Lanes

As we all probably know, senior citizens also have their own express lanes where they get their own lane so they don’t have to line up. This is particularly helpful in fast-food restaurants, movie house, and even the bathroom. All they need to do is ask assistance from an employee and they will instantly be pushed in front of the line or be led to the exclusive lane.

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Hotel and Recreational Center Discounts

Although the discounts given are not the same, senior citizen still get a big discount fron hotels and recreational centers. For instance, high-end hotel rooms cost somewhere between 3,000 to 9,000 pesos in Manila so a senior citizen can get as much 600 to 1800 peso discount, not including the VAT exemption.

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Bonus Privilege:

Almost 50% Discount in Buffet Restaurants

Although this discount is not mandated by the law, many buffet restaurants offer it today. From what I’ve heard, Manila Hotel, Vikings, and Buffet 101 offer the promo but with certain limitations. For more information, its best to contact the restaurant and ask if the offer still stands and their requirements.


  1. Magnda pakinggan ang privileges na sinasaad,dq naniniwala na mkukuha ng lahat na senior citizen ang mga privileges na yan.Una ang nanay q,ang electric bill bnbayan buwan2 minsan 28p,minsan 20p,minsan 9p.mliit na halaga lang un,piro nagbabayad pa xa ng ganung halaga.nsaan ang sinasabing discount sa senior dun.
    PANGALAWA.ang filipino ay races,gusto ng filipino kuha /tanggap lang ng tanggap ayaw makibahagi sa iba.TAKE NOTE:::
    pag ang filipino pumunta sa ibang lugar /outside d country gusto ng filipino qng ano ang privileges sa nasaad na bansa gusto nila avail din nila BAKIT?kc ayaw nila magbayad o dkaya ayaw nila mahule na d nila alam.o gusto rin nila ma avail ang mga privileges na ibinigay ng ganung bansa,tpos pag ang individual na tao pumunta dto sa atin bansa BAKIT ?AYAW NG FILIPINAS::!!! Magbigay ng kunting biyaya o privileges sa kanila kahit nakTira cla dto ng matagal ng panahon,senior na clang ano ANG SABI NG MGA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL:skin para sa kanya pauwiin mo na xa sa kanila.salot lang yan dto,makinabang pa xa sa para sa filipino??ANO SYA SINUSWERTI!!PAG DI NYA KAYA MAGPAKAIN NG FAMILIA NYA UMUWI XA SA KANILA.grabing RACES ang filipino Sobra.NASAAN ANG SINADABING ANG FILIPINO AY MAPAGMAHAL SA KAPWA. HOSPITALITY.siguro maiapply ng filipino dlahat piro 90% ay RACES….AT YAN AY MAGAGAWA NILA PAGMAYAMAN LANG ANG KAHARAP NILA.PAGMAHIRAP TULAD NG ASAWA KO….M..A…L….A…….B…..O….!DAHIL DANAS KO NA.PABALIKALIKIN KA NILA SAME PERSON ANG KAUSAP KO…THE NEXT DAY NG BUMALIK AKO.SABIHIN SKIN D PWEDI ANG ASAWA MONG MAGAVAIL NITO.E BAKIT IN THE FIRST PLACE NA ALAM NA NYA NA D PWDI MAKA avail ang asawa ko bakit d nya kaagad sinsabi.para save my time and efforts dba????????SO NASAAN ANG MAGANDANG PRIVILEGES SA FILIPINO SIGURO OO….PIRO SA TULAD NMIN NA NKATIRA DTO SA PINAS NG 15YRS. M…A…L….A….B….O….!!!!SANA KONG MAKAUSAP KO LANG SI PANGULONG DUTERTI ITANONG KO SA KANYA NG DIRITSAHAN….ANG LAHAT NA GUSTO KONG ITANONG
    Pangatlo….Sa taxi sabi nila sa senior my 20%discout e

  2. I booked in a hotel in kabankalan city, negros occ. and i was given a 20% discount only and was told that they don’t give vat exemption. I went for it coz i really need to be in that place at that time and i was so disgusted coz i was given a room with a very dirty bathroom with cockroach running all over the wash basin. The following day i check out and tried to check in into another hotel ( The SouthGate hotel) and the receptionist’s smiling face change into a not so welcoming facial expression when i asked for my senior discount. i was made to wait for quite a while and was told that my discount was 20%. I told her that i am vat exempted also so it’s not just 20% and they said that the vat is already included in the 20% discount. I told them that 20% is for senior discount only and the 12% vat is not included and it’s another thing. i did not argue with them anymore and just walked out from that place( i can feel i’m not welcome anyway coz i ask for my senior discount). Most hotels in the province do not give the right and correct discounts for seniors and are not so welcome.

  3. I hope the govtmwill be serious implementing the rules for SC.coz we are a part of progressive country during the time we were young and working really hard.what I observed in this benefits kuno is most of likely propaganda and many are not happening.. Whent I retired two yrs ago I asked about my contribution and I doubt it’s really right ncomputation… Hokus pokus computation,….benefitted for the old senior officers of so many vice Pres..with age 70years old..

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    • “Land Transportation Privileges – At least twenty percent (20%) discounts in bus fares such as ordinary, aircon fares and on public railways such as LRT, MRT, PNR, and such other similar infrastructure that will be constructed, established and operated by public or private entity. Toll fees of skyways and expressways are likewise subject to at least twenty percent (20%) discounts, however, this privilege can be availed only by a person with disability owning the vehicle.”

      Kailangan po yung may ari mismo ng sasakyan ay pwd po.

  5. Ask ko lng po,Yung sc na ID ko SA Manila,magagamit ko ba Yun dto SA Cavite,ngtransfer na Kmi SA Cavite recently.

    • Hi Ms. Esperanza,

      Ang SC ID ay maari po natin magamit kahit saan pong lugar sa ating bansa. 🙂 Pero, masmabuti po na i-update natin ang ating address dahil ang bawat lungsod po ay may kanya-kanyang pribilehiyo. Halimbawa po; ang ating address sa SC ID ay Quezon City, sa lungsod po ng Quezon City ang mga SC ay libre ang parking sa mga pamilihan (mall). 🙂

  6. my mother is 81 years old and i have ask quezon city senior citizen desk but they only answer that can avail with this are those without any support from any member of the family “yong walang wala talaga”. i just want to verify kung tama ba sagot ng nasa admin office ng senior citizen quezon city.

    • Visit senior citizen office located at Quezon city Hall…its free and you can get the card booet etc in an hour or less..they are friendly

  7. Kindly, check with the discounts extended by transportation companies. They are only giving a straight 20% discount without the VAT included. Thank you!

  8. For doctor’s professional fee for 100% free, may i know from your good office if it’s include private hospitals

  9. For doctor’s professional fee 100% free , may i know from your food office if it’s include private hospitals.

  10. My first time to open this page. Im a senior citizen and i read all the concerns of my fellow SC and i share them too. How can you possibly attend to all concerns asap. Thanks

  11. There were many SSS & GSIS surviving spouse pensioners who were receiving a meager monthly pension which is not even enough to defray their medical needs….my question is, are they not qualified to receive the 500 monthly stipend from the government? I believed you knew that SSS gives only small amount of pension compared to GSIS….I also knew some pensioners from other places who were receiving such stipend…. and….is this the preroragative of LGUs to whom they’re going to give the 500 stipend?

  12. Why is it, when a senior citizen age is over 65, they are no longer allowed by any other banks to secure loans even with offered real estate colaterals, registered in their names ? If ever allowed, they are required to have a guarantor (legal age children permanently employed 2 yrs, or if engaged in business must be operating a business profitably for the past two (2) years, duly registered with DTI or SEC, business permit, etc.? This bank policy is very discriminating to Senior Citizens ! We had labor so much to owned real estate properties in our working days and it is only appropriate that we can use said properties to support our financial needs in our senior years !

  13. Propaganda lang ang mga priveleges na iyon maliban lang sa 20% discount…sa groceries naman magdadala kapa ng SC Book! OMG!

    • Tama k Rmuldo,kahit s kuryente o meralco imposible k maka discount kc may limit n 100kw lang dapat magamit ng isang household e kung may mga kasama k s bahay d lalampas k ng 100kw,bakit d nila gawin n yung 100kw lang ang may discount yung matira wala kaso papogi lang talaga s media yan,ewan ko kung may nakikinabang dyan


  15. Doctor ang nakikinabang kc ayaw magbigay ng discount pag walang reseta ng doctor pag naconsume n ung nakareseta d k n pwede bumili uli ng may discount kaya papacheck up k uli para resetahan k

  16. kawawa naman yung me bisnes ng bigasan!!!! kung bawat bigasan na bibilhan mo meron kang 20% discount kc nga SC na…di bawat senior citizen ng pamilya na lng palagi bibili ng bigas. diba yung SC lng ang meron pamilyang 20 katao at isa lng ang senior. 1/20 lng ang discount dapat!!!!!kasi nga 1 lang SC sa 20 miyembro ng pamilya.

    • Sa grocery items including rice, 5% lang ang discount. Present ung ID n brochure. Kunti lang ang discount.

  17. Dito sa hinunangan Southern Leyte po ang mga senior citizens na 70 ang idad lang ang nakakatanggap ng pension. Bakit yong 60 ang idad wala? Ang sabi nila nagbago daw ang batas! Tutukan nyo nga ito, sobrang corrupt ng mga tao dito, dabat silang bitayin patiwarik!

    • Tama k elix s interview s sec. ng dswd s radio sabi nga nya n lahat ng 60 ang edad pataas walang pension s gsis o sss,walang pirmihang trabaho ay makakatangap ng 500p bawat buwan pero pumunta k s barangay at sasabihin sayo n 70yrs old ang umpisa at hindi lang yan pag ang mga anak mo ay may trabaho d k din daw pwede,baki?t gusto b nila n aasa k n lang s anak mo?pano naman kung sakto lang s pamilya ng anak mo ang sweldo nya?puro papogi lang,bago n daw ngayon ewan ko!

  18. We live in Pasig for 5 years now I have been a senior citizen for 2 years now and my husband is now 64 years old. We are not entitled to a free movie only 20% discount
    here in Pasig . The senior citizen department here told us we have to be REGISTERED VOTERS HERE IN PASIG FOR 5 YEARS that other senior citizen enjoy in other place here in Metro Manila .How come we cannot enjoy the same privilege here in Pasig while we can still watch a movie .

  19. Electricity and water bill SC discount should not be limited to whose name the bill is under. When paying, can we just present the SC card to have the pro-rated discount? Anyways my address is in my SC card. Can Meralco and Maynilad look into this please.

  20. most establishments such as restaurants and pharmacies compute the application of the 12% vat exemption and 20% discount wrongly. mercury and chow king in particular. instead of applying the discount directly by multiplying the rates and deduct the product from the sum, they divide it, hence, the resulting discount is lesser. i complained to the managers of chow king and mercury here in apalit, pampanga but their replies were this is the company’s computation and it is the policy. i refer to bir apalit and requested for the implementing guidelines on the application of vat exemption and sc discount and the answer was “nada”. this is a very corrupt country wherein its senior citizens are not taken care of. the law was ok but its implementation stinks.

    • D natin masisisi mga establishment kc yun ang formula n bnigay s kanila ng bir yata,d ko din maintindihan kung bakit dinidivide ng 1.12 ang pagbawas ng vat,paki explain nga po mga accountant pls!

    • Yan din Ang d ko maintindihan bakit nga dinidivide ng 112 Yung pagkuha ng vat? Accountant pls paki explain? especially the BIR bakit ganon?


  22. kulang na kulang pa yang benefits for seniors. gusto ata ng gobyerno mamatay na ang mga seniors, kaya puro gamot sa sakit ang me discount. dapat pati preventative 20% discount then. meaning: pati gusto namin bilhin na herbal, vitamins, minerals, lahat na pwede to help us prevent contracting disease o para di kami magkasakit, dapat lahat yan 20% discount for us seniors. pati pagkain, dapat 20% discount, pato chocolate, kape, gatas, veggies, fruits, karne, lahat ng pwede para kami maging healthy, dapat 20% discount yan. bakit pag me sakit na kami at saka kami me 20% discount? di ba mas mabuti na health y kami, kesa me sakit bago ninyo, govt, kami bigyan ng 20% discount. e para atang gusto ninyo sa govt na mamatay na kaming lahat na seniors, kaya puro gamot lang ang discounmted samin. saka sa transport naman, actually sa jeep, puro bastos ang mga drivers. pag binigay namin fare namin na discounted na ng 20%, yung bastos na driver, hindi na kami pinapara sa tamang lugar pag gusto na nam,in bumaba. intentional and deliberate na halos half a kilometer bago kami ibaba. tapos yung iba, dinedebate kami sa 20%, at yung Php8 minimum jeep fare, dapat daw P7 ang pay namin. compute ninyo, what’s 20% of Php8? di ba P1.60. so dapat hindi P7 ang singilin samin, kundi PP6.40, o dahil konti lang naman kaming seniors, P6 na lang. pero hindi, walang pusio ang ibang drivers, P7 ang sinisingil samin, at kung hiundi, muntik na kaming ihulog pagbaba namin. remedial law ang kailangan: amend the seniors act. 1) yung preventativite na sinabi ko earluier, 20% discount nyuo yan. 2) yung mga bastos at kriminal na mga drivers, dapat on the spot napapaaresto at kulong agad. lawmakers, gawin ninyho ito asap. at kayong mga kriminal na drivers and other malevolent characters damaging us seniors, tatanda di kayo, magiging seniorsa din kayo. sana sapitin ninyo rin ang kahayupang giangagawa ninyo samin. o baka di na kayo maging seniors, at mamatay na kayong juniors. sedrves you right, then, boy.

  23. Baliwag lechon manok does not give 20% discount,they just deduct 12pesos discount, thats not fair !

  24. Usually, i get taxi fare discount, what happened, it is not implemented anymore?? Should those establishments will not honor SC discount, where to file complain? There is this 20% discount, but where is the 12% vat exemptions, the total SC discount should had been 32% in total??

  25. We are given only 5% on grocery items.thats what my receipt says from it not 20%

  26. If I will buy 1 cavan of rice, shall be entitled to 20% discount on my purchased?

  27. If I will 1 cavan of rice, shall I be entitled yo 20% discount on that purchase?

  28. any comment on this..when we watch sana movie at robison mall at antipolo..hindi po kmi pinapasok kasi ang dala namin na senior card is from mandaluyong wherein na katransfer lang namin last sept2016..

  29. What can one do with the 2000 pesos death benefit???it is not even enough to pay for the coffee or tea or cookies for the “wake” of the senior citizen who is dead.just saying………

  30. electric and water consumption usually exceeds 100kwh and 30 cubic meters because I live with my family but I iwn the house so both are regustered under my name, my question is how will I be able to avail my benefit as a senior?

    • FYI madam you cannot avail the 5% discount in your electric and water bill if it exceed the required consumption…..just like me no discount in my electric bill .

  31. Why is it when you don’t give the monthly contribution and donation for the dead person you are not entitled to receive the monthly pension of pH 500

  32. Please check Pizza Hut particularly Robinson’s Place, Imus they don’t cater the 20% discount for Senior Citizens.

  33. Cebu Pacific does not honor senior citizens discount for online ticket purchase. I think this is a violation of the law as there is nothing in the law that exempts online purchases. I already emailed Cebu Pacific but sadly, they just ignored my complaint.

  34. All mentioned are for senior citizens, is this also extended to PWD? I am a working PWD so do i get tax free?

    • Pasalamat tayong mga senior at nagkameron ng ganitong programa,malaking tulong narin ito sa atin,,,just saying😉😉😉

  35. The govt. Or the OSCA shd. List down the hospitals and dental clinic where SC will go to avail these freebies no charges policy so to avoid confusion. And also the names of govt. Schools nationwide.

  36. Mel, before you pay, ask first how much is the fee before the discount is subtracted. As long as you have your Senior ID, you should enjoy your discount which is around 20% and 32% if VAT is included.

  37. everytime i go to the doctor’s office no matter it is dental, medical or any other problem i am charged me at least 400 pesos,,,, they say this is the discounted price,,, where does free come in??? where do i complain?? where is the government wen you really need it??? this is just one of the fucking propaganda by the government,,, a lot of bullshit and hot air out of their stinking asses

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