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FREE Things to Do on Your Birthday

The best things in life are free, and they become extra special when they happen on your birthday. In Manila, Philippines, there are a lot of birthday promos that not many know about. So this article is all about the free things you can get on your birthday and how to avail each.

Brasserie on 3 Dining Table and Chairs

Brasserie on 3 Buffet Restaurant


Almost every buffet in Manila offers a free birthday eat for the celebrant if he or she brings along a number of friends with them. But aside from that, did you know that:


Mall of Asia Fountain


Theme Parks and Tourist Spots

Now if you plan on celebrating with a big group of friends or family, especially when with kids, you can also avail birthday promos offered by different theme parks in and outside the city. This includes:


Conrad Hotel Second Floor Lobby

Conrad Hotel

Hotel Memberships

Many of the biggest hotel in Manila today have some sort of membership that gives you lots of freebies, big discounts, and of course a cake for your birthday. Some of the hotels with membership that I have tried or heard of includes:


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Philippine Departure Stamp


Now if you plan to travel or go on a vacation on your birthday, why not take advantage of promos given by some airlines and cruise ships. Yes, you can also travel for free on your birthday or birth month.


This includes:





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