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How to Get Passport Online: Step by Step Guide to Apply for a Passport Philippines (Part 3)

Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements

Now if you’re purpose of application is for a Philippine passport renewal, here are the requirements DFA Manila or its other branches will need from you to get a passport Philippines:

  1. Printed form of your application from the DFA website
  2. Expired passport
  3. Valid picture IDs like SSS, driver’s license, GSIS, PRC, IBP, OWWA, digitized BIR ID, senior citizen, voter’s ID, unified multi-purpose ID.
  4. Supporting documents including marriage contract, seaman’s book, land title, form 137, government service record, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance and Digitized Postal ID.

Depending on your status, there should be a different set of requirements DFA Manila will need from you. Here’s a complete list of the requirements directly from DFA site:

Completing All Philippine Passport Requirements

If you’re like me who lost her birth certificate and doesn’t have any valid ID ready, even a TIN ID, it will approximately take you one month or more to complete all requirements, particularly if you have work or school. NSO takes at least 3 days to be delivered, Form 137s take a week, and the easiest valid ID I can get is the BIR ID.

Getting an NBI clearance and a Police clearance is probably the easiest supporting document you can get because you receive them on the same day. Except if you have a common name and surname. Based on my experience, the teller will tell you they need more time to clear your name (24 to 48 hours).

Once all your requirements are ready, all you need to do is wait for your appointment date. Don’t forget to photocopy all your requirements and put it all in one envelope.

How Much to get Passport Online

For regular processing, it will cost you 950 pesos which will take up to 15 days before you receive the ID. If you need it sooner, you can opt for the express processing which costs 1,200 pesos that only takes 7 days. People renewing their passports will pay the same amount for regular and express processing.

When you’re done here, head to PAGE 4 to learn what happens on your appointment date.



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