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How to Get Passport Online: Step by Step Guide to Apply for a Passport Philippines (Part 2)

The next step in how to get passport Philippines is to complete the requirements needed. Now there is a different set of requirements needed if your a natural born citizen, below 18 years old, or renewing a passport. For natural born citizens, you will need the following:

  1. Printed form of your application from the DFA website.
  2. A valid birth certificate issued by NSO.
  3. Valid picture IDs like SSS, driver’s license, GSIS, PRC, IBP, OWWA, digitized BIR ID, senior citizen, voter’s ID, unified multi-purpose ID.
  4. Supporting documents including marriage contract, seaman’s book, land title, form 137, government service record, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance and Digitized Postal ID.

To get a valid birth certificate from NSO, you can either visit their DFA Manila or branches or request a copy for home delivery via their hotline (02) 737 1111 or online at Now in case you are like me who doesn’t have any valid ID, I submitted my Alumni ID and brought my yearbook as per instruction of my travel agency. Yes, the first time I applied for a DFA passport, I had to avail the assistance of a travel agency because I didn’t have any valid ID.

If you’re a minor, you will need the following:

  1. Printed form of your application from the DFA website
  2. A personal appearance with one of your parents or legal guardian
  3. For illegitimate children, the appearance of the mother with a passport or valid ID
  4. Birth certificate issued by NSO
  5. School ID or form 137 with readable seal from the school
  6. For minors who didn’t attend school, a notarized affidavit of explanation is needed from one of the parents why the child is not attending school
  7. Marriage certificate of the child
  8. Original and a photocopy of the passport of the adult traveling with the child.

Do note that additional requirements are needed if the child will be traveling alone. This includes an affidavit of Support and Consent and original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.

Now if you’re renewing your passport or want to know how much it will cost you, head to PAGE 3


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