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Online Shopping Philippines Guide

If this is your first-time online shopping Philippines, this guide will be perfect for you. From finding the best online store Philippines, payment methods, delivery options, and where to find the cheapest online selling sites. This is particularly useful if you’re from a foreign country and you need to buy something from here.

List of Trusted Online Business Philippines

So far, I can only vouch for two online business in the Philippines that can be trusted. This is Lazada Philippines and Zalora. I believe both sites are also well-known in other Asian countries so there is almost no question why I trust both sites. Lazada is my favorite because you get a lot of variety for each kind. I haven’t tried Zalora but I see them partner up with big companies in the Philippines so I’m sure they’re legit.

Cheapest Online Shops in the Philippines

Some of the cheapest online shops in the Philippines are found on Instagram. However, just like every shop in any country, not all of them can be trusted. So the first step to you should do to verify a shop is to check reviews, comments, and followers. Reading reviews will give you a feedback about how well they serve their customers. Comments will let you know if the shop has pending paid orders or complaints from previous customers. As for followers, it’s one way to see how much people trust this shop.

Finding online shops based in the Philippines is very easy. A quick search on Instagram of “Online Shop Philippines” will instantly give you a list of accounts and from there you can easily find more shops via clicking more hashtags. Facebook is also an ideal site to look for online shops. And just like Instagram, just do a quick search on Facebook and you should find a lot of shops.

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