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Online Shopping Philippines Guide (Part 3)

As for a list of deal sites that offers products from online store Philippines, there is only one that I know of. There are other deal sites but the don’t offer products and only restaurant and hotel promos.

Now Metrodeal is just like Groupon in other countries. Aside from posting deals from hotels, restaurants, and other promo offers, they also offer products at its cheapest. Although there are times that it’s cheaper to buy it in Lazada so always, double check. They offer a big variety of products that range from kitchenwares, gadgets and even personal items so it’s really worth checking out.

Payment Methods for Online Shopping Philippines

As for payment method, established site offers credit card PayPal and bank deposits as a form of payment. Some will ask for 50% deposit, especially if its personalized while some will accept cash on delivery payments. Now if your preferred payment method is not on the list, ask your seller. Sometimes they are willing to adjust to your preferred payment.

If you’re buying something expensive, you can opt to avail our services below where you can have a safe and secured online shopping in Philippines.

Delivery Options for Online Shopping in the Philippines

For the delivery of your orders, you can either go for meet up or shipping. For meet ups, of course, you need to be here in the Philippines. If the seller’s location is too far from your hotel or house, you can opt for shipping. Depending on the seller’s location, shipping fee should cost 50 pesos to 250 pesos in the Philippines. If you’re abroad, it will depend on your location and the size of your package.

Now if you will be buying from different sellers and need all of your item packed in one package to save on shipping, you can inquire at our website for our services. We have a fixed minimal fee regardless of the size and the number of items being shipped.




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