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Online Shopping Philippines Guide (Part 2)

Now in this part of online shopping Philippines guide, we will feature buy and sell sites. There are a couple of sites you can check, of course, you still need to do a quick background check. Some sites make it easy by providing a profile for each seller while some don’t so you need to do a bit of extra work.

First in the list is OLX which is the most popular buy and sell site in the Philippines. In this site, you can find almost anything you can think of. From houses, services, and any product you can think of. If you’re shopping for brand new products, some items here are cheap while some are not so its good to double check in Lazada for price comparison.

Now Shopee is also a buy and sell app that’s mostly used by mobile users. Based on my experience, I got more inquiries and sold more items in Shopee than in OLX. However, since the site is likely used via mobile, you could tell majority of its users are the younger generation.

Ebay Philippines

Next is Ebay which is also an international site so I believe everyone already knows how it works. For me, the only difference I notice from Ebay and OLX is that online business Philippines posting in it are more fluent in English so its easier to communicate. So Ebay may be a better choice if you’re buying something personalized and you need to explain something complicated.

Hachi’s Buy and Sell

Last but definitely not the least is Hachi’s Buy and Sell in Facebook groups. Most of the item sold there are gadgets but it also has a fair share of handmade products and merchandise from online store Philippines. If you’re thinking of buying in bulk, this place gives you direct access to the business owner so there is a big chance you can get it at a discount.

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