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Chocolate Kiss Cafe at UP Town Center Review

Chocolate Kiss Cafe UP Town Center

Chocolate Kiss is one of my favorite restaurant in UP Town center. According to other websites, its already their second branch so you know the restaurant already has loyal customers. The cafe is of course known for their yummy chocolate cake and their one of a kind iced tea. What makes their tea special is that it tastes like authentic tea, served with separate honey and is refillable. But aside from their signature dishes and drinks, me and my family tried their other bestselling dishes and its all good.

The food was great but just have one complain about one of their dish. Their version of chicken barbecue and java rice reminded me so much of Aristocrat’s signature dish. I’d say its almost as good if only their rice wasn’t too sticky. At first we thought maybe they overcooked it but the rice from other meals was cooked right.

As for their desserts, they’re 100% perfect. This is actually our second time in Chocolate Kiss so we tried new cakes. I actually forgot what those cakes are but I remember how yummy their ensaymada is. Its served hot, unlike other restaurants, and its the most authentic ensaymada that I have ever tasted. Its a 10 out of 10!

Now when it comes to the quality of their service, I’d say it wasn’t that bad but could be improved too. Its always better to dine in a restaurant where all your servers are smiling and attentive to your needs. I also hate it when you tell your waiter that you need your water refilled or request for a new spoon but forgets about it. I would have understand if the restaurant is busy but there was only 3 to 4 tables with customers out of 10 or more. I also wish they offered credit card as a payment method because ATM machines in U.P. town center are very few and my friend had to walk far to find one.

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