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Ultimate Guide to Car Rental Manila: 6 Things You Should Know

When looking for Car rental Manila, there are things that you must consider first before finalizing your decision. From price difference, car condition, driver experience or alternatives, are just some of the important details you should think about as you decide which car rental Philippines option you will take. So this guide will answer all your questions and help you decide the best mode of transportation for you and your companions.

Where to Find airport transfer and car rentals in Manila?

There are four ways to find car rental service in Manila which includes OLX, Facebook page, Facebook groups and Google search. The best and easiest way to find them is in where countless companies are offering their services with complete details of the inclusions. Now if for some reason that you didn’t find what you are looking for on this website, the next best thing is via Facebook groups.

Probably the most popular buy and sell group in Facebook Philippines is Hachi’s Buy and Sell. From there you can just click related groups to join other buy and sell groups to start finding more options. Finding car services through this option is not as easy as OLX but the prices offered should be cheaper because it’s mostly from car owners who needs extra cash.

Now if you want to be more secure, you can use Facebook and Google search to look for verified pages and websites of car rental service companies. One that I would recommend is Diamond Rent a Car for their 24-hour car rent for 1000 pesos. I haven’t tried it personally but they offer the best price in car rental service so far.

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