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Ultimate Guide to Car Rental Manila: 6 Things You Should Know (Part 3)

How Much Tip Should You Give to Your Car Rental Manila Driver?

Generally, a Filipino driver will accept any amount of tip from their passenger. But the most acceptable tip is 20 pesos if its a short ride (less than 30 minutes) up to 50 pesos for longer rides. And if you’re really happy with the services of your driver, giving them 100 pesos will definitely put a smile on their face. Anything above that is no longer necessary but it’s really up to you.

Airport Transfer Manila or Car Rental in Manila via Your Hotel

if you have a good budget for your transportation or will be splitting the bill with your friends, you can also choose to avail car rental via your hotel. Not only are you sure of your safety but also the quality of service you will receive. It will cost as much as twice as the normal price but is not a bad choice when traveling with a big group.

Where to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Philippines?

The cheapest place where to find car rental in Manila is in, Deal Grocer or Driver Allan (our personal recommendation). In Metrodeal and Deal Grocer, car rental deals come up every once in a while which you can avail if you are planning your trip early. You usually need to book your dates in advance so they can be reserved so read all terms and conditions before buying.

And of course, our most recommended option is renting Driver Allan, who also happens to write for Living and Loving Philippines, that owns his own car and offers car rental manila and his driving services for a very affordable rate. He owns a 2015 Honda Mobilio that can seat up to 6 passengers or 4 persons comfortably with luggage. He can drive you anywhere from Manila or Clark airport to any part of Luzon.

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