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Ultimate Guide to Car Rental Manila: 6 Things You Should Know (Part 2)

Car Rental Manila: Self Drive vs Renting with a Driver

Driving on your own will definitely save you almost 50% in car rental Philippines expenses. However, traffic and finding a parking space are just some of the problems you ought to encounter in the country so think carefully. My tips are if you’re staying in the Philippines for vacation and will only be in the country for a short time, go for renting with a driver. If you’ll be staying for more than a month, you can opt for driving on your own but keep in mind that finding a parking space is not easy and not all spaces are safe for parking.

Car Rental in Manila: Uber vs Grab vs Regular Taxi

Taxi Rates

Another option to consider is just riding an Uber, Grab or a regular taxi. In this way, you only pay for the service you use. Between the three options, Uber is the cheapest, followed by regular taxi and Grab. In terms of safety, Grab and Uber are a better choice than a regular taxi. Now I’m not saying riding a regular taxi is not safe, its just that Grab and Uber provide better service in my experience. However, if you don’t have internet with you, you can opt to ride a regular taxi.

Getting a taxi is the same in any other country, just call for their attention when you see one and they should stop when they have no customer. There are times when a regular taxi will try to negotiate a price with you and it’s usually more expensive than what you need to pay. This is the reason why I prefer Uber and Grab where the cost of transportation is fixed and will not do any monkey business.

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