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Cheap Flights to Manila Guide

Finding cheap flights to Manila isn’t really hard when you know exactly where to look. And since I hunt for travel deals as a hobby, don’t worry as I’ve got your back. This guide is all about how to find cheap flights Philippines in 5 easy ways.

Subscribe to Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, and Philippine Airlines

Now I’ve already mentioned this in my other blogs but I thought I should mention it again just to point out how important this step is. Particularly if you need to visit the Philippines often, this is the key to saving hundreds of dollars. And just to prove how crucial this step is, I got round-trip tickets to Hong Kong for 2000 pesos, round-trip tickets to Davao for 700 pesos and the round-trip ticket to Boracay for 1000 pesos including luggage.

From the three mentioned airlines, my favorite is Cebu Pacific but only because they offer the cheapest flights. In terms of service, the best one is Philippine Airlines. I only consider Air Asia only when they’re on really big promo sale. Once you subscribe, you will receive instant updates whenever they have a sale.

Just have all the passport information ready as the seats get sold out pretty quickly. The last Cebu Pacific Piso Sale ( One peso sale) got sold out within 10 hours or less, I think. So you really have to check your email as often as you can and be ready for purchase right away.

Consider Flights to Clark Pampanga Airport

Unbeknownst to many, Clark Pampanga airport is just an hour away from Manila, making it a good alternative when finding cheap tickets the Philippines. It is also far away from the city center so traffic is very unlikely and is a better choice if you’re heading to Subic or anywhere North anyway. There are instances where flights to Clark are more expensive compared to Manila flights but do not get sold out fast.

So whenever there is an ongoing sale in any of the three airlines, take the time to check flights to Clark Pampanga too because you never know when the price is better on your selected dates.

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