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Cheap Flights to Manila Guide 3

Consider Calling Local Airlines for Cheap Flights to Manila

Now when you find cheap tickets the Philippines, you will be charged with some fees for booking online. So a good alternative is to book your cheap flights the Philippines via phone. You get to save at least 500 pesos or even more depending on your chosen flight. Another reason why you should consider this method is when computers make you crazy. If you’re not the techie type, better just call customer service and they will do everything for you.

Subscribe to Living Loving Philippines

Of course, I will also recommend that you subscribe to our website, Facebook, and Instagram. Every time a sale is up, we quickly post it to our sites so our followers can quickly check and hopefully get the cheapest Manila flights. At the same time, we also post useful updates and the best deals found online for your Manila trips like big mall sale, restaurant vouchers, tourist spot ticket discounts and a lot more. So if you’re visiting the Philippines, don’t forget to subscribe to us so you can make the most out of your Philippine vacation.

Last but not the least is to Contact Us

If you’re really having a hard time finding cheap flights from Manila, you can also opt to hire our tour assistants. They will not only help you find cheap ticket Philippines but also help you in your itinerary, book hotels, car transfers, suggest cheaper routes and everything else you need to know in the Philippines. Our tour assistant only cost $25 to help you plan everything and you can send an inquiry here.

And that is how you find cheap Manila flights. I will update this blog if I find more ways how to get cheap flights to Manila.

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