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Cheap Flights to Manila Guide 2

Sign up as a Get Go Member for Cheap Flights to Manila or Sometimes Even FREE!

Now, this option is only applicable to Cebu Pacific flights. A member of GetGo allows the person to earn points on every flight they have with Cebu Pacific. The points can then be used for future flights to lessen the total cost or even fly for absolutely free! The great thing about this membership is you don’t need to fly with Cebu Pacific to earn points.

There are different ways to earn points like booking a hotel via Agoda and other booking sites, eat at their participating restaurants, and much more. (Check the full list here) In this way, you can use GetGo even if it’s your first time in the Philippines. Generally, you earn 1 point for every 5 pesos spent so your points can reach 10,000 by just spending 2000 pesos.

And what makes Get Go more interesting is their occasional Get Go member sale where you can get a flight for as low as 10 points. Just two months ago my sister got a trip to Japan for 10 points each trip. She only spent a total of 2,000 pesos for the luggage, seat reservation and web fees. The great thing about it is the seat sales don’t get sold out quickly.

Use Philippine IP Address when Booking

Based on my experience, manila flights can get higher depending on your IP address. There are instances when my friend from Singapore who is booking the same flight as me is seeing higher rates than what I see when were checking the website at the same time. There are two ways to do this, its either you have an IP changer or ask you friend from the Philippines to help you book you cheap flights the Philippines.

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