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Tips in Finding Cheap Flights to Manila and From It

Finding cheap flights to Manila and from it is really easy to find as long as you know where to look. Prices can go as low as 500 pesos for a round trip to Boracay but can cost as much as 10,000 pesos in most sites. So this guide is all about helping you find the cheap tickets Philippines.

Check Regularly for Promo Fares

It is crucial that you subscribe to your local airlines and airlines in the Philippines to get instantly updated whenever a promo is up. Discounts can be somewhere between 20 up to 70% discount if you’re really lucky. All you need to do is always have everyone’s passport details ready so you can quickly reserve your seats. The cheapest airlines in the Philippines are Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Jet Star and Tiger Airways. Occasionally, Philippine Airlines offer huge discounts too so its also worth checking out from time to time.

Plan the Month of Travel but not the Exact Date

The best way to get the cheapest Manila flights is to plan the month of travel but not the date. In this way, you can choose from the rates offered in that month and reserve the cheapest ones. Unlike if you have a set date, you don’t really have much choice especially if you choose leaving on peak dates. And if you really want to save a lot in flight fares, don’t plan the month either. Let the cheapest flight from Manila that you find tell you your travel date.

The cheapest tickets are usually 6 months to 1 year ahead so there is still enough time for you to prepare. Again, make sure you have everyone’s passport details ready as promo fares sold out fast.

Check Tour Packages

In the Philippines, there are actually tour packages that offer cheap tickets Philippines compared to buying directly. The cheapest Boracay ticket I got was for 500 pesos round trip via Air Asia. However, this only happens once in a blue moon. The next best ticket I got is 2000 pesos round trip to Boracay which is somehow good compared to the regular price of 5,000 pesos. Then I see some tour packages offering 3,000 pesos including round-trip air fare, hotel and breakfast. Its not a bad deal considering I don’t need to find a hotel and I get a free meal.

Just keep in mind though that not all tour agencies in the Philippines are legit. You need to check their website, Facebook page, and reviews to see if they offer good services. Don’t hesitate to message us to if you need help verifying a tour agency you find.


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