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Where to Buy Winter Clothes in Manila

When you’re visiting Japan, Korea, Taiwan or any other country in their coldest season, one of the first things every Filipino wants to know is where to buy winter clothes in Manila. Especially if this is your first time, you will need to fully equip yourself as it gets really cold in winter season.

Where to Buy Winter Clothes in Manila?

The best place to buy winter clothes in Manila is in H & M, Forever 21, Columbia, North Face, Marks and Spencer, Terranova, SM Surplus Uniqlo and of course Ukay ukay shops around the city. The best time to buy them is after the Winter season where most of it is already on sale.

If you’re really on a budget, I suggest dropping by at SM Surplus and Greenhills Shopping Center from time to time. The reason why you need to visit more than once is because they have new stocks every once in a while and some of them are really good finds. Coats in SM Surplus cost somewhere between 500 to 1000 pesos. A much cheaper option is in Ukay ukay shops where each coat cost less than 500 pesos.

Now if you’re in the plus size department, the best shops to buy winter clothes are in SM Surplus, Forever 21, Marks and Spencer, H and M and sometimes at Terranova. If the sizes in these shops are not big enough, don’t hesitate to shop at the men’s section where the sizes are bigger. I’m a plus size myself and my favorite is in Forever 21 where they have a separate section for plus size women.

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My tip is to plan early. When I first visited Japan during winter season I planned 10 months in advance. I was going to Japan in December and I was already saving for it as early as February. So I went to the mall every once in a while and always checked for sale. I got a Columbia snow boots for 3000 pesos (originally 7000 pesos +), coats from H and M for 500 pesos (originally 1,000 pesos), thermal wear for 250 pesos a set including top and bottom (costs 500 pesos for top and 500 pesos bottom)

Where to Buy Winter Boots in Manila?

As for winter boots, you can find them in SM department stores, Landmark, Payless, H & M, Forever 21 and Columbia, North Face, Marks and Spencer. If you are a couple of month’s away from the day of your trip, visit the mall every once in a while to check for new stocks. My favorite one is from Payless that normally sells for over 1000 pesos but I got mine for 700 pesos.

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Where to Buy Winter Gloves Philippines?

The cheapest place to buy Winter gloves in the Philippines in in Baguio. Not only is it cheap but also offers so many choices. Each glove cost 50 pesos to 200 pesos. Now if you prefer one with better quality, visit Uniqlo for less than 1000 pesos. If you’re lucky, you should find one in SM Surplus too for 200 pesos. The prettiest one I saw is usually found in Marks and Spencer while the cutest one is in Terranova. However, gloves aren’t for sale in the mentioned shops every day, usually, they start selling it in the Winter season.

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