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Airport Transfer Manila to Any Part of the Philippines

When arriving in Manila airport, its important to decide early on what kind of airport transfer manila will you use. The recommended mode of transportation depends on your arrival time, destination and the number of people you are traveling with. So in this guide, we will give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know so you can easily decide what is the best transportation for you and your group.

1st Option: Uber
Cost: P200 to P500 depending on hotel location and time

The first and easiest transportation to consider is Uber. Almost everyone in the world already knows how to use it and passengers can pay via their credit card. The only problem with this choice is you need an internet connection and its only available within Metro Manila. So if you’re arriving in Manila airport but staying in Subic or Batangas, you can’t really use Uber. As for your internet, you should find free sim cards upon arriving from Globe and Smart booths so be sure to get yours. In case you missed it, use the free internet at the Airport to book a taxi.

2nd Option: Renting a Private Car
Cost: P1500 to P2500 for 3 to 4 person

So if you’re staying outside Manila, the next thing to consider is renting a private car to bring you to your hotel. You can visit Craigslist Manila, OLX to find someone or just hire Driver Allan which we personally recommend. Just like renting cars in other countries, this option is far more expensive but is the only convenient option if you are staying far from the capital city.

3rd Option: Public Buses
Cost: P150 and up per person

For those on a budget and doesn’t mind the long walks, humid weather and going through busy streets, you can consider commuting and riding public buses. My tips is instead of going through all the walks and getting lost finding the right bus and route, use Uber to bring you directly to a provincial bus terminal and from there ride the bus that brings you to the city you need to visit. The price difference is very minimal but in exchange, you save time and effort.

But if you really prefer to use buses and jeeps all the way, you can start with riding Premium Airport Bus as airport transfer Manila of the government for a trip to SM Mall of Asia. From there, ask the guards where you can find the provincial cabs or buses that will take you to different places in the city, including provincial bus terminals.

4th Option: Airport Metered Taxi

Airport taxi are normally more expensive but convenient when there is no line. However, I strongly don’t recommend this option because Uber is easier and has nicer drivers. Of course not all airport metered taxi are bad but I just personally recommend Uber.

5th Option: Ube Express

The last airport transfer Manila option is Ube Express which is a good option if you’re staying in a hotel in Manila. This is also a better option if you’re traveling with a big group because each bus has a 24 person capacity. As of posting, the company does not accept online booking but is open 24 hours for walk-in passengers.

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