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Choosing Where to Stay in the Philippines

There are different kinds of accommodation a tourist can consider in the Philippines. Of course, the best ones are 5-star hotels which range from 5,000 to 10,000 pesos. 3 to 4-star hotels are good too in terms of service and cleanliness but a bit more affordable. Then there are the cheaper places to stay in, it will be simple but the hospitality is almost always really good.

Budget Friendly Places

For tourists on a budget, the best place to rent a room is right in the heart of the busiest city. This includes Quezon City, Manila, Makati, and Taguig in Luzon. The cheapest inn cost around 250 pesos for 12 hours but is not really recommended for first-time tourist. It’s better to stay in a backpacker hotel that’s tourist-friendly as they know exactly what you need and are very accommodating just like this hostel in Makati.

3 to 4 Star Hotels

3 to 4-star hotels are ideal for families taking a vacation in the Philippines. Security, service, cleanliness are some of the things that they can be sure of in this kind of hotels. In terms of amenities, there should be swimming pools, shuttles, 24-hour service, easy transportation to tourist spots.

5 Star Hotels

Staying in the best hotels in the country provides top-notch service and amenities. The only thing you need to consider is to make sure the hotel you choose provide the services you like. For instance, there are hotels with casinos, with the best food restaurants, connected to a mall, and much more.

Renting Rooms and Houses

This option is ideal if you’re staying for a week or longer. It’s cheaper, it allows you to cook your own food, and you get to live and experience the life of a local. All you need to make sure is the location is good and safe, transportation options, close to many tourist attraction.

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