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The Lost Bread French Toasts and Milkshakes in Maginhawa Street

So me and my family went to Maginhawa Street to try a new restaurant and this week we decided to try The Lost Bread: French Toasts and Milkshakes. Overall, the ambiance is great, food is phenomenal and the internet is fast. The only thing that wasn’t good for me is the waiting time before our food is served.

The Good Things About the Restaurant

It was my sister’s second time in the restaurant but the first one is in a different branch. She said the look was very different from the first one but I think the Maginhawa branch looks pretty good. My only issue with the server is the waiting time. First, I’d like to commend the waitress who served us for answering all our questions and even giving the wifi password without asking. For me, that’s a big plus. It’s usually awkward to ask for it to waiters but with them, they always serve with a smiling face and always ready to serve.

What I Didn’t Like About Them

So the only problem I had was the waiting time. The waitress was really good because she said everything we need to know without the need for us to ask. This includes the waiting time before our food is served. After taking our orders, she said it will take 15 to 20 minutes for our food to get ready and we¬†thought that’s a reasonable time.

However, it was already 30 minutes and only one dish out of the 7 dishes have been served. I would have understand if the restaurant was full but aside from us, only two other tables are taken and one of it is almost done eating. After 15 more minutes, our dishes start to arrive one by one, with intervals of 5 to 10 minutes.

The Food Experience

All the food tasted good actually. It was just disappointing that we had to wait that long for our food to be served. So below are the dishes we tried and all of it are superb especially the Carbonara and their rice dishes.

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